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It’s coming. You can feel the heat, the humidity, the sweat from the heat and humidity. Depending on your location, you feel like you’re inside an oven or an uncomfortable sauna. Here it comes…..it’s summer. The joys of summer can quickly turn to exhaustion once you’re standing outside in the heat of the day. You can stay outside and fry like an egg or stay inside with the air conditioning running at full blast.

What would we do without air conditioning? Most of us would struggle without it during the hot months. Even though we value the benefits of a good A/C unit, how does it work? Which parts are essential to cool us down? Which kind is right for my situation? How do I reduce my energy bills?

Trane Furnaces

Customer reviews reflect the high quality and reliability of this furnace brand and the Better Business Bureau gives Trane a B rating.

Best Furnaces of 2022

To keep your home warm and comfortable on the coldest winter days, you want to find the best furnace for your home heating requirements. You also want a furnace that fits your budget, is reliable, provides energy-efficiency, and comes with a good warranty. We have done the research for you and here are the best furnaces of 2022. Read this information before you start shopping for a furnace.

Best Furnace
Brands in 2022

Trane: Top Quality
Lennox: Energy-Efficiency
Goodman: Top Value
Rheem: Best Warranty
Bryant: Reliable Furnaces

Trane Furnaces

Customer reviews reflect the high quality and reliability of this furnace brand and the Better Business Bureau gives Trane a B rating.

Lennox Furnaces

The Better Business Bureau gives Lennox an A+ rating and Lennox furnace reviews have four 5/5 stars.

Goodman Furnaces

Reviews for Goodman come in at 4.8/5 stars and the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating.

Rheem Furnaces

Rheem gets an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and ranks high in reviews due to PlusOne™ Diagnostics and easy maintenance.

Bryant Furnaces

Consumer reviews of Bryant furnaces commonly note that they are quiet systems. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating.

Natural Gas vs. Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces cost less than gas furnaces. They can generate lots of heat but have low energy-efficiency. Thus your initial savings need to be balanced with higher operating costs.

Single Stage versus Two Stage Furnaces

A single stage furnace has one heat setting with a one speed motor and fixed gas valve. Two stage furnaces have two stage gas valves and a variable speed motor. This allows you to have several settings to match the weather and your heating requirements.


As furnace technology has improved over the years, energy-efficiency has improved. Thus, heating costs have gone down and less carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere.

Cost of the Furnace

You will pay a base price to buy a furnace and then pay for installation. The base price goes up with increased energy-efficiency, extra features, and brands that provide better reliability.


Never buy a furnace without getting a warranty. Replacing furnace parts and paying for labor can be expensive. In general, more-reliable furnace brands are more expensive but come with superior warranties.

Advanced Features

Some furnaces come with lots of advanced features which will drive up the cost. A good way to look at advanced features is to consider what they do for you. Do they make your furnace more energy-efficient and thus same you money over the long term?


The Bellevue AC guys were great to work with. My old AC unit crapped out in the middle of summer, and they got me set up with new (and better) equipment very quickly. I felt comfortable having them in my home, even when I wasn’t there, and I’d recommend them to anyone. Great job!

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